As a leading manufacturing company from China, HARDEN TECHNOLOGIES has been in plastic machinery industry for more than 10 years. We always devote ourselves in protecting our living environment. We recognize that most of used plastics either industrial wastes or consuming  wastes can be recycled and re-applied in various industries.

Normally, a whole recycling line includes shredding/crushing, washing, extruding and pelletizing process. In Harden Technologies, we mainly supply washing line, extrusion pelletizer and auxiliary equipment to process various waste plastics such as PP, PE, PET bottle, PP, PE film, EPS foam, and PS, ABS, PP, PE, UAE, TPU flakes, etc. And Harden Machinery manufacture shredder/crusher, and size reduction products. You may clik here for more information on it.

All these machines are manufactured in our own factories with good quality and affordable price.