The Choice of Pelletizing Method

Please refer to the following table to choose the method of pelletizing.

The most popular pelletizing method is strand pelletizing system. It is mainly applied to the granulating of PA, PE, ABS, PVC, PP and PS, etc. Also, it can be used to plastic pelletizing after blending, filling, and enhancing. Moreover, it is suitable for the cutting of non-absorbent master batch. This strand pelletizing system consists of water bath and strand pelletizer.

Water ring die face cutting system is applicable for the pelletizing of hot melt EVA, TPU elastomer, cable and other thermoplastic materials.  It is composed of the water ring pelletizer head, warm water circulatory system, separation system and screening system.

Air ring die face cutting system is suitable for thermoplastic and engineering thermoplastic materials. It has advantages of good pellet appearance, low power consumption, simple, slide durable, easy for operation and maintenance, and no need drying for the pellet. The melt flow speed of the processed material should not be too slow as the pellets may stick together.

Under water cutting system is mainly used for the pelletizing of PE, PP, PS and PVC.  This system is complicated. The gaps between the rotary cutter and the surface of the porous template is small. It is easy to block the template if there is improper operation.