Washing & Drying

Harden supplies washing lines to match our extrusion and pelletizing systems to recycle waste

  • PET/HDPE bottles
  • PP/PE film
  • PP waven sacks
  • PP auto battery
  • PP car bumper
  • PE flakes
  • PP flakes
  • …….
PET Bottle Recycling Machine
PET Bottle Recycling Machine
Film Recycling machine
LDPE Film Recycling machine

We are a professional recycling machine supplier and exporter.We are able to supply a wide range of recycling machine, including plastic recycling machine, PET bottle recycling machine, LDPE film recycling machine, wasted water treament machine, garbage and junk recycling machine, wasted tyre recycling machine, wasted glass recycling machine, etc.

Our washing line includes washing, dewatering and drying machines. After being crushed/shredded, the plastic wastes are transferred by the converyer to the different washing machines according to the material and process. Then they will be dewatered and dried and ready for extruding and pelletizing.

We have various capacities for the washing lines, ranging from 250kg/h to 1000kg/h. If you have any question, please email us.