Film Washing Plant

This LPPE film, or LDPE garbage bag recycling machine is suitable for recycling, regenerating and granulating of waste LDPE plastics film and garbage bag. The recycling production line is equipped with quick motor-operated filter-screen-replacing unit and automatic temperature control. The LDPE film granulating crusher uses adjustable speed motor, pelleting with an extruding machine at the same discharging speed synchronously. Each unit of the LDPE garbage bag recycling unit is easy to operate, with a high output, steady performance, and favorable economic benefit.

Raw Material for recycling
LDPE Garbage Bag

LDPE film/LDPE garbage bag recycling machine – Production line configuration

Capacity: 300kg/h

Technical flowchart

Raw material — Automatic feeder — Cutter & Shredder — Washer — Extruder — Granulator — Vibrating screen — Whirlwind type silo

1. Lift conveying machine
motor power: 1.5kw VVVF
2. Cutting and Shredder
motor power: 55kw
cutting speed: 1200r/min
rotation cutting knife: 2 sets, 6 pieces
fastened knife: 12 pieces
inside temperature senser: 1piece
pelletizing system: 1 set
cleaning gate
air exhauster
3. Extruder
screw diameter: 100mm. Material 38CrMoAIA
L/D: 30:1
Motor power: 75kw. DC motor
Speed regulator
Gear box
Electrical device: temperature controller RPC
Preheater: ceramic with stainless steel cover
Heater power: 5 group heater. Each power 6kw. Total power 30kw. 5 group blower. Each power 0.37kw. total power 1.85kw
Mould heating; 2 group x 4kw, 8kw
Screen exchange: automatic hydraulic control
Mould: 40Cr
Mould die diameter: 3mm
Alarm: light and sound
Capacity: max to 350kg/h
4. Granulator
motor power: 1.1kw
pelletizing knife: rotation nife 1set. Spare 1 set
5. Vibrating screen
vibrating motor power: 0.75kw
material: stainless steel
6. Wind power conveying system
blower power: 5.5kw
material: stainless steel
7. Whirlwind type silo
volume: 1m3
material: stainless steel
fileter system
cleaning gate
loading and unloading indicator

Pictures for reference

LDPE film recycling machine
LDPE film recycling machine
Automatic feeder
LDPE film recycling machine
LDPE film recycling machine
Wind power conveyor
LDPE film recycling machine
LDPE film recycling machine
Dewatering machine