HDPE Milk Bottle Washing Plant

Plastic recycling machine has been widely used in plastic recycling industry. Plastic recycling machine can be used in granulation of discarded thermoplastic, waste plastic products with the wall thickness less than 2mm. The plastic recycling machine including filter, crash, washing, granulation. SFS Series plastic recycling machine is equipped with 65,90,120,150 four kinds of main frame. The plastic recycling machine production line capacity range is from 80kg/h to 45kg/h depending on actual requests of customers. The configuration of the plastic recycling machine can be requested according to the clean status of the scrap, so the price of system is depended on the actual configuration.

Plastic recycling technical flow chart

Main equipment of the plastic recycling machine

Main Equipments on Plastic Recycling Machine
The main equipments on Plastic Recycling Machine contain debaler, sorting table, granulator, pre-wash system, separator, spinner(dewater), automatic packing system, conveyor, screw conveyor, wind conveyor, water treatment system, dust collection system and electric control system etc.

Dry crushed plastic cleaning lineĀ 

1) Recyclable materials: PET, PP, PE, waste plastic household products
2) Capacity: (semi-automatic): 300kg/h, 500kg/h

Washing machine of plastic recycling production line